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Here are some of the FAQs on our instruments:

How do you tune the Leonardo Funk machine?

The LFM is tuned like a standard baritone guitar. The most common tuning from the first string is: B, F#, D, A, E, B.

There are, however, many musicians who prefer to lower this tuning by a semitone or a whole tone. Finally, some guitarists/singers, tune it a semitone above (C).

Remember that each time you permanently tune an instrument in a different key you may need to adjust the trussrod given the change in string tension.

How do you play the Leonardo Funk Machine?

The fingering is identical to that of a regular guitar, the only difference being that we are playing in a different key. In classical tuning (B, F#, D, A, E, B) every chord you play will be a fourth below the chord in the same position on a standard guitar.

Given some practice on this interval, playing the LFM will have no difficulty. Scales, arpeggios, bending and harmonics will always be the same.

How does dual-output work?

LFM's Dual-Output is a circuit totally dedicated to the instrument's three grave strings.

There is a pickup with three poles that pick up the sound of the fourth, fifth and sixth strings, controlled by a volume pot and sent to the "BASS" output of the LFM.

Next to this output is a small switch that takes care of grounding in case you wanted to use only the "BASS" output.

How does the Marleo's active preamp work?

The Marleo's 3 Band Active Preamp is activated by simply plugging the cable into the Bass.

To turn it off, simply pull the Volume knob.

The last two knobs on the Marleo (the second one is doubled) are dedicated to the preamp's EQ and correspond to the Mids, Bass (down) and Treble (up).

What are push-pull knobs used for in the Marleo?

The Marleo has two push-pull knobs, more specifically the first and third knobs.

The first one is needed to turn off the 3 Band Active Preamp.

When the knob is pushed, the preamp is activated. When it is pulled the Marleo's signal becomes passive.

The second push-pull, on the other hand, allows you to change the average frequency of the Preamp.

When the knob is pushed the pot works on 400Hz unlike when it is pulled which allows us to adjust the midrange on 800Hz.

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