Why a moth-eaten body of alder? It might seem like a purely aesthetic question, but actually for guitar builder Bruno Bacci, a lover of Tuscan woodworking art, there is a very strong connection between this porous body and the extremely percussive, warm and airy sound of the Amrita IV. An apparently solid-body but with tiny tonal chambers naturally built from the woodworms. Along with other professionals, Amrita has made Michael League, bassist, composer, producer, and founder of Snarky Puppy, fall in love with it

Feel the power of vibration

A raw-looking bass with a large reserve of punch and gain that allows you to be dynamic and present in the mix without the slightest effort.
The sound quickly goes from flat to loud, sweet to mean, simply by modulating finger strength.


An insect larva, woodboring beetle which helps to lighten this beautiful alder body where the holes are transformed into tiny tonal chambers, giving the Amrita an extremely airy sound.


The finish on both the body and the neck is Nitrocellulose (a really thin skin) to allow maximum vibration of the woods.
All this gives the Amrita a truly natural look as if the instrument predates us from the distant past.


Each instrument is expertly assembled by the hands of Bruno Bacci, who adjusts its tension and intonation, perfecting even the smallest detail to ensure maximum vibration and definition of the sound.


The Amrita bridge is a 4 String Vintage by Hipshot.
This bridge gives you the vibe of the classic bent-plate design with much needed improvements where it counts. The use of premium materials and precision laser and CNC production techniques ensure that you’ll have a lifetime of stable, buzz free tone.
It’s the perfect way to add vintage flair to your retro build.


To make the electrical part of Amrita consistent with the design of this instrument, we selected a 4P-HOT from Aguilar Amplification.
Larger 6mm magnets and over-wound design give this pickup big personality – with an edge. Thick lows and a growly midrange character define the sound of the HOT series, all while capturing the dynamics and nuances of your playing.


All Bacci cases are custom-made for various instruments and feature a boutique look with retro coloring and steel logo application. The look is sturdy and comfortable with an interior woven textile that accommodates the instrument while protecting against scratches and temperature changes.

Technical specifications

  • Model:
    Amrita IV Woodworm
  • Color:
  • Body wood:
    Worm-Eaten Alder
  • Finish:
  • Neck wood:
  • Fingerboard wood:
  • Number of frets:
  • Radius:
  • Scale leght:
    34" (863,6mm)
  • Neck finish:
    Nitrocellulose Aged Tone

  • Tuners:
    Hipshot Ultralite Chrome Mini Clover
  • Bridge:
    Hipshot Vintage Bass Bridge
  • Pickguard:
    Shaped Alluminium
  • Bass pickup:
    Aguilar AG 4 P-Hot
  • Controls:
    Volume & Tone
  • Knobs:
  • Case:
    Bacci Custom Logo Hardshell
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